Choosing the right online Budgeting Tool.

Budget Builder or Goal Tracker

While both tools are helpful and free to use, the Online Budget Builder tool is built to help you analyze and improve your entire budget, and our Goal Tracker tool is built to help you learn how to save and work toward meeting small and large financial goals.

The chart below will help you get started toward taking control of your financial situation with the online tool that's right for you:

Budget Builder

Most commonly used to help people understand their financial situation and spending habits, and to discover ways to improve their overall household budget.

  • Provides a full budget analysis, including expenses, disposable income, areas of over-spending, total surplus and shortfalls
  • Allows you to create hypothetical budget experiments
  • Reminds you of expenses you may not have realized
  • Helps you uncover ways to reallocate savings and free up cash
  • Includes a downloadable/printable analysis report
    The Budget Builder Tool is Ideal For People:
  • Setting up a budget or planning for the future
  • Getting married
  • Separating or divorcing
  • Renting or purchasing a home
  • Reduction of income / unemployment
  • Planning for children
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Goal Tracker

This is an ideal tool for people who are just learning how to save, or those looking to reach short or long-term financial goals.

  • Automated reminders and alerts for upcoming savings deadlines
  • Helps you define and stick to deadlines
  • Can track savings for multiple goals like: vacations, car payments, and property taxes
  • Tracks progress and presents monthly savings graphs, charts and historical reports
    The Goal Tracker Tool is Ideal For People:
  • New or inexperienced with saving money
  • With short or long-term savings goals
  • Looking for motivation to save more money
  • Budgeting how much they need to set aside every month
  • Saving toward college, buying a home, car, or other large purchases
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