How The Free Online Budget Builder Tool Works.

A step-by-step explanation of this FREE versatile tool.

  1. Step One:

    Create an account and login. It takes less than a minute!
  2. Step Two:

    Input your income and expenses. Those items include:
    • Income, both gross (pre-tax) and net (post-tax)
    • Housing, mortgage, rent and utilities
    • Basic necessities like food, clothing and transportation
    • Debts and assets like savings, loans and liabilities
  3. Step Three:

    Print and read your free budget analysis. Your report includes:
    • Income, debt, and expense analysis
    • Visual chart showing you how you’re spending money
    • Suggestions and tips & links for additional resources
  4. Step Four:

    Take action with tools to begin taking control of your financial situation! At any time, you can revisit and update your data within the online budgeting tool.
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